The Why

Or, The NAFAQBHAEJICYWW (Not Actually Frequently Asked Questions But Here’s An Explanation Just In Case You Were Wondering)

Why a blog about your orthodontic treatment?
Back in the day, I was one prolific little blogger. I faithfully posted on one blog from Christmas Break of my junior year of high school until I landed a big-girl job a few years ago. I missed blogging, but could never find a source of inspiration intriguing enough to prompt me to record my experiences (marriage aside).

Once I committed to getting braces, I realized that I didn’t know a lot of people my age who were dealing with adult orthodontia, and the results of an admittedly brief search of the interwebs told me that no one was really blogging about the subject (Bing didn’t even predictive-text-complete “orthodontia blog”). So, [Bracketed Brackets] is a place for me to record my experiences, both for my own amusement and just in case someone else out there is curious about the ins and outs of adult orthodontia.

You’re in your twenties. Why do you need braces? Did your teeth revert to a state of middle-school-esque crookedness?
Nope. This is my first braces rodeo. I dodged the middle-school orthodontia bullet, though my dentist began recommending them as my teeth started to show signs of future-damage-inducing wonkiness once I reached high school.

Why start orthodontic treatment now?
Several reasons, actually! Here they are in list form (though not necessarily numerical order):

  1. Savings + dental insurance. Awwww yeeeeuh. Financial feasibility for the win.
  2. Imminent and actual tooth damage. Unnecessary wear had already begun due to the trek of my teeth, and it was easy for my dentist to point out more problems that had developed / were developing.
  3. Vanity alert: no big events coming up. I’ve already graduated college and been a bride. (But I will gleefully display my mouthful of metal henceforth in any and every formal/professional photo.)
  4. Time = mental preparedness. I’ve had a number of years to psych myself out for this endeavor, and psych myself out I have. LET’S DO THIS!

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