If You Give a Girl a Second to Write a Blog Post…

Do you remember that old Laura Numeroff book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie? And how one thing led to another and everything snowballed and it was like, “Ahhh, mouse! Such chaos from such a simple request!”?

That’s kinda been my life.

If you give a Rennie a work task,
Many other work tasks will tag along!

If many other work tasks tag along,
Non-work activities and commitments will want to come with too.

And so forth. (Note to self: Re-read mouse-and-cookie book.)

This has led to many things, but chief among them as far as this blog is concerned is (1) a distinct lack of posts about my ongoing orthodontic experience and (2) no time (or patience, really) to learn how to bend Photoshop to my will for animation purposes.

Translation: There will be rather a few before-and-after-and-before-and-after pictures in my next formal post (i.e., my next blog post that isn’t an apology for not posting). You’ll practically get to watch my hair grow and get shorter and grow some more over the course of a few seconds (I think I had a haircut somewhere in there, but I’m about to take meat scissors to my bangs again and make poor pie-cut bang decisions).

Many thanks to those of you who have taken the time to visit this little attic corner of the interwebs in my absence! I hope to be less like a terrible pen pal in the new year (2014 bittylution? <– “bittylution” gleefully lifted from the one-and-only Roo).

In the meantime, know that my bottom teeth are sore… again. I thought I was going to escape it this time, since they didn’t really seem to make any huge changes to my hardware this morning, but I was deceived. Deceived by the simplicity.

But you know what they say: No pain, no all-liquid diet for several days.