A Picture’s Worth a Thousand…

Got the ol’ braces adjusted.


Yeahhhhhh, I’d meant to have pictures to post with this to make it a proper update. In fact, I do have all the pictures from my past three orthodontist visits all ready to post! But I’d wanted to make an animation out of them, which is something I’ve never done before, and I couldn’t figure it out in the 10 or so minutes of free time I found myself with at work today (it was a nap-during-lunch day, f’realsies), so it got postponed. My next post will have pictures, by golly! And hopefully in animated form. *determined*

In lieu of that, however, I’ve provided a rundown of this latest round’s dealio.

The Rundown

  • What’re your orthodontia accessories? Both the top and bottom braces (and the final bracket! huzzah!).
  • Band color? Bluish-teal… turquoise?
  • Any pain today? A wee bit. The tooth directly to the left of my front left bottom tooth (I’m sure there’s a lovely technical dental term for it) cries out (wordlessly… sometimes) if it gets pressed from any angle. Fortunately, the less-sore front two bottom teeth take the brunt of any force. Straight up, this seems to be the least pain per adjustment I’ve had overall since the start.
  • What sort, would you say? The troublesome tooth pretty much stays at a hey-hey-HEY-I’M-SORE-STOP-PUSHING-ME-AROUND level (as opposed to escalating into a knife-into-gums type of pain).
  • Do you miss anything? Being able to bite things off with my front teeth like a normal person. For some reason, that’s just not workin’ for me. (I had to side-eat a banana this afternoon. That was strange.)
  • Looking forward to anything? Having my bottom front teeth behind my upper front teeth again (no more llama face!).
  • On the bright side… DUDE! All of my teeth are wearing brackets now! 😀

Just Poppin’ In

Dear neglected li’l blog,

I’m so sorry I’ve left you all alone these past few weeks. Between deadlines, Board of Directors meetings, birthday celebrations, surprise visits from out-of-town/state friends, house/dog/cat/fishsitting, editing work, and a host of other things, you’ve been left to languish by the wayside. And for that I am sorry. Not woefully apologetic, because I’ve been out living/doing/being, but still sorry.

But I felt that a brief update should be made because I am eating popcorn right now and I was told not to do so. I’m letting the fluffy bits melt in my mouth and then I’m spitting out the kernel husks like so many watermelon seeds. No chewing involved.

And I’m throwing out the faintly burnt puffs. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

I know you’re surprised, li’l blog, and so am I. I’ve made it through four-fifths of a bag of this microwaveable stuff, and I daresay I shall make it to the end without incident (famous last words?).

Wish me luck, and I’ll return to you soon!

With all sincerity (and nary a kernel husk wedged ‘tween my brackets),


An Update About an Update

When I mentioned in my previous post the work had been crazytown, I apparently didn’t know what I was talking about, because Monday the 14th arrived with an unsettling amount of maniacal laughter when it came to my hopes and dreams of having a couple of minutes to breathe between projects/assignments/what-have-you.


And so, as my next ortho appointment is pretty imminent (<– fabulous grammar right there), the next rundown will feature not one but TWO visits! Twice the toothy transformation! Dos times the band colors! Are you stoked?!

But for now, I’m off to see if I can make a dermatologist appointment. #aintnorestforthebusy #unnecessaryhashtags

Work/Life Interference, Whuhhhhhhht?

I have traveled just over two weeks into the future since my last ortho appointment and…

…I have yet to write about it.

‘Cept for what I just wrote. But I’m going on record and saying that that doesn’t count.

We’ve had a coupla crazy weeks at work (not quite February Frenzy or July of Doom, but close). Marry that to a number of post-work commitments and necessary keep-life-going biz-nass and you have a wedding reception of busy, which leads to a honeymoon of having no time to add text to pictures or type up a rundown of the most recent orthodontic experience.

Talk about the blogtastic back burner. *facepalm*

But that’s OK. I don’t feel too guilty about neglecting the blog, since more important things have come up. (That was part of my promise to myself when creating this blog: not to feel pressured to have every post follow a perfect schedule and mentally self-excoriate if I broke the pattern. In the words of a great philosopher: “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”)

So! I am still alive, and my teeth are still intact and metal-encrusted. I even eat chips now (*clutches pearls!*). I feel kinda like a braces BA (and I don’t mean Bachelor of Arts).

More to come soon(ish)!

P.S.: I apologize for the ads you may be seeing. I don’t receive any money from them (I’m not even sure what they’re advertising on my site as of this moment), and I’m just not gonna drop $30/year to “upgrade” out of it. *sigh*

The Maybe-Cavity and Momma’s Brackets

Q: How do you shock your dental hygienist of two-plus decades?

A: You show up wearing braces to your every-six-months dental appointment.

Bonus Q: How do you really shock your dental hygienist of two-plus decades?

A: You tell her that your mother has also taken the braces plunge.

Apparently, Dr. B and Ms. S have been recommending braces to my dear mother for far longer than I’d realized. Ms. S put her hand over her heart (in what I’m sure was only half-fake drama) and declared, “I’m glad you told me this while I’m sitting down!”

Partway through my cleaning, she glimpsed Dr. B strolling past the door and called out, “Dr. B, I think you need to make a right turn into here!”

Color my dentist thoroughly surprised and pleased at the news of mommy-daughter braces.

The funny thing was, cleaning my teeth didn’t seem to take as long with braces as it did sans braces. Color me surprised (and pleased, since it meant I didn’t have to cram some extra work in at work to make up for being out of the office). Perhaps ’twas because my x-rays are taken at my closer-to-the-beginning-of-the-year appointments. Hmm.

Glory be, I got a clean bill of toothy health and encouragement to “keep on doing whatever [I’m] doing because it’s working”!

And about that maybe-cavity?

Not a cavity.

Yes, please do cue Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus.”

After some prodding and scraping and inspecting, both my hygienist and dentist knighted me “Rennie the Cavity-Free.” Apparently I have a wee pit on my molar that became discolored by some means, giving it that ominous decay-of-doom appearance.


The day after my dentadventure (new word?!), I got to see my mom in all her new-braces glory. She’d opted to go with the clear brackets on top, and I’ll be darned if you can hardly see them! From a distance, you might squint and be able to tell that there’s something on her teeth, but not necessarily a full set of real-live braces. It looks ve’ classy.

Her only comment on clear versus metal? She thinks the clear brackets are a little thicker. Based on a visual appraisal, I think this may be true. They’re certainly not wildly bigger, but maybe juuuuuust enough to be noticeable. Bracket thickness is definitely something I hadn’t taken into consideration when weighing my orthodontia options, so if you’re looking into acquiring braces, there’s something else to ponder. (“The more you knowwwwww…!”)

The Rundown

  • What’re your orthodontia accessories? All the turquoise-banded braces!
  • Any pain today? Nope!
  • What sort, would you say? The kind that doesn’t exist. 🙂
  • Do you miss anything? Biting down all the way (turbos gonna turbo).
  • Looking forward to anything? Seeing how the bottom-front-teeth-crowding sitch gets resolved.
  • On the bright side… My mom and I are fraternal braces twins. 😉