A Picture’s Worth a Thousand…

Got the ol’ braces adjusted.


Yeahhhhhh, I’d meant to have pictures to post with this to make it a proper update. In fact, I do have all the pictures from my past three orthodontist visits all ready to post! But I’d wanted to make an animation out of them, which is something I’ve never done before, and I couldn’t figure it out in the 10 or so minutes of free time I found myself with at work today (it was a nap-during-lunch day, f’realsies), so it got postponed. My next post will have pictures, by golly! And hopefully in animated form. *determined*

In lieu of that, however, I’ve provided a rundown of this latest round’s dealio.

The Rundown

  • What’re your orthodontia accessories? Both the top and bottom braces (and the final bracket! huzzah!).
  • Band color? Bluish-teal… turquoise?
  • Any pain today? A wee bit. The tooth directly to the left of my front left bottom tooth (I’m sure there’s a lovely technical dental term for it) cries out (wordlessly… sometimes) if it gets pressed from any angle. Fortunately, the less-sore front two bottom teeth take the brunt of any force. Straight up, this seems to be the least pain per adjustment I’ve had overall since the start.
  • What sort, would you say? The troublesome tooth pretty much stays at a hey-hey-HEY-I’M-SORE-STOP-PUSHING-ME-AROUND level (as opposed to escalating into a knife-into-gums type of pain).
  • Do you miss anything? Being able to bite things off with my front teeth like a normal person. For some reason, that’s just not workin’ for me. (I had to side-eat a banana this afternoon. That was strange.)
  • Looking forward to anything? Having my bottom front teeth behind my upper front teeth again (no more llama face!).
  • On the bright side… DUDE! All of my teeth are wearing brackets now! 😀

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