Just Poppin’ In

Dear neglected li’l blog,

I’m so sorry I’ve left you all alone these past few weeks. Between deadlines, Board of Directors meetings, birthday celebrations, surprise visits from out-of-town/state friends, house/dog/cat/fishsitting, editing work, and a host of other things, you’ve been left to languish by the wayside. And for that I am sorry. Not woefully apologetic, because I’ve been out living/doing/being, but still sorry.

But I felt that a brief update should be made because I am eating popcorn right now and I was told not to do so. I’m letting the fluffy bits melt in my mouth and then I’m spitting out the kernel husks like so many watermelon seeds. No chewing involved.

And I’m throwing out the faintly burnt puffs. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

I know you’re surprised, li’l blog, and so am I. I’ve made it through four-fifths of a bag of this microwaveable stuff, and I daresay I shall make it to the end without incident (famous last words?).

Wish me luck, and I’ll return to you soon!

With all sincerity (and nary a kernel husk wedged ‘tween my brackets),



4 thoughts on “Just Poppin’ In

  1. I’m so glad you have left comments at my site, because I’m thrilled to discover your refreshingly hilarious blog. What a great topic. I’ll put my boys onto it too, as one is now into a retainer, and two more in line for braces very soon. 😉
    Keep up the great writing, I love it! ALOHA (And thanks for the link on your side bar–so nice!!)

    • Aww, thank you, Monica! I’m so glad you stopped by and enjoyed the orthodontia wackiness! (Seriously, I’m blushing here!) Braces are crazy business, as I’m sure you well know. May your eldest’s retainer never get lost and may your younger sons never run out of braces wax in the future! 🙂

  2. Its been so long since I have had my own correctional facilities adhered to my dentin that I can enjoy the recollection and empathy of times gone by as I read your account here. I’ve always enjoyed your writing no matter the subject. Now to make this a favorite on my homepage so I don’t miss out. Write again soon.

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