Work/Life Interference, Whuhhhhhhht?

I have traveled just over two weeks into the future since my last ortho appointment and…

…I have yet to write about it.

‘Cept for what I just wrote. But I’m going on record and saying that that doesn’t count.

We’ve had a coupla crazy weeks at work (not quite February Frenzy or July of Doom, but close). Marry that to a number of post-work commitments and necessary keep-life-going biz-nass and you have a wedding reception of busy, which leads to a honeymoon of having no time to add text to pictures or type up a rundown of the most recent orthodontic experience.

Talk about the blogtastic back burner. *facepalm*

But that’s OK. I don’t feel too guilty about neglecting the blog, since more important things have come up. (That was part of my promise to myself when creating this blog: not to feel pressured to have every post follow a perfect schedule and mentally self-excoriate if I broke the pattern. In the words of a great philosopher: “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”)

So! I am still alive, and my teeth are still intact and metal-encrusted. I even eat chips now (*clutches pearls!*). I feel kinda like a braces BA (and I don’t mean Bachelor of Arts).

More to come soon(ish)!

P.S.: I apologize for the ads you may be seeing. I don’t receive any money from them (I’m not even sure what they’re advertising on my site as of this moment), and I’m just not gonna drop $30/year to “upgrade” out of it. *sigh*


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