The Maybe-Cavity and Momma’s Brackets

Q: How do you shock your dental hygienist of two-plus decades?

A: You show up wearing braces to your every-six-months dental appointment.

Bonus Q: How do you really shock your dental hygienist of two-plus decades?

A: You tell her that your mother has also taken the braces plunge.

Apparently, Dr. B and Ms. S have been recommending braces to my dear mother for far longer than I’d realized. Ms. S put her hand over her heart (in what I’m sure was only half-fake drama) and declared, “I’m glad you told me this while I’m sitting down!”

Partway through my cleaning, she glimpsed Dr. B strolling past the door and called out, “Dr. B, I think you need to make a right turn into here!”

Color my dentist thoroughly surprised and pleased at the news of mommy-daughter braces.

The funny thing was, cleaning my teeth didn’t seem to take as long with braces as it did sans braces. Color me surprised (and pleased, since it meant I didn’t have to cram some extra work in at work to make up for being out of the office). Perhaps ’twas because my x-rays are taken at my closer-to-the-beginning-of-the-year appointments. Hmm.

Glory be, I got a clean bill of toothy health and encouragement to “keep on doing whatever [I’m] doing because it’s working”!

And about that maybe-cavity?

Not a cavity.

Yes, please do cue Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus.”

After some prodding and scraping and inspecting, both my hygienist and dentist knighted me “Rennie the Cavity-Free.” Apparently I have a wee pit on my molar that became discolored by some means, giving it that ominous decay-of-doom appearance.


The day after my dentadventure (new word?!), I got to see my mom in all her new-braces glory. She’d opted to go with the clear brackets on top, and I’ll be darned if you can hardly see them! From a distance, you might squint and be able to tell that there’s something on her teeth, but not necessarily a full set of real-live braces. It looks ve’ classy.

Her only comment on clear versus metal? She thinks the clear brackets are a little thicker. Based on a visual appraisal, I think this may be true. They’re certainly not wildly bigger, but maybe juuuuuust enough to be noticeable. Bracket thickness is definitely something I hadn’t taken into consideration when weighing my orthodontia options, so if you’re looking into acquiring braces, there’s something else to ponder. (“The more you knowwwwww…!”)

The Rundown

  • What’re your orthodontia accessories? All the turquoise-banded braces!
  • Any pain today? Nope!
  • What sort, would you say? The kind that doesn’t exist. 🙂
  • Do you miss anything? Biting down all the way (turbos gonna turbo).
  • Looking forward to anything? Seeing how the bottom-front-teeth-crowding sitch gets resolved.
  • On the bright side… My mom and I are fraternal braces twins. 😉

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