¡Tres Semanas!

Q: What do the following three things have in common?

  1. Raw carrot slivers
  2. Rolos
  3. Bagels

A: They’re all things I didn’t think I’d eat with braces but I did.

Eat them, that is.

I knowwwwww! And with all that heartbreak over not being able to eat bagels, too. I’m sorta taken aback by my own foodstuff chutzpah. Admittedly, the raw carrot slivers had been marinating in Italian dressing overnight, and I let the Rolos melt on my tongue, and it took me 2.5 hours to eat that darn bagel, but still.

Progress, my friends. Progress.

Kip knows what's up.

Sappy non sequitur: Niko and I recently celebrated 365 days of wedded awesomeness. Huzzah! (He’s currently being studious despite my quiet Oasis jam session on the other side of the room. (Any other Be Here Now fans out there?))


So vintage!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must go check on my hippie-tastic laundry experiment and wash all this coconut and jojoba oil out of my hair. And Waterpik my teeth.

The Rundown

  • What’re your orthodontia accessories? The top rowwwwwwwww of braces.
  • Any pain today? Mmnope.
  • What sort, would you say? Zero.
  • Do you miss anything? Chewing Rolos.
  • Looking forward to anything? Seeing my teeth move some more.
  • Favorite food of the moment? Scrambled eggs, hands down (or up). Especially with melted cheese (but we’re out of cheeeeeeeese!).
  • On the bright side… Still pain-free!

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