The Spacer Saga: Day Five (with a Dash of Day Four)

May God bless Sonic and their post-2000 half-priced milkshakes. May he bless them richly. El Hubstero and I purchased a couple last night to go with our impromptu stay-in date night (we had a free Redbox rental and indulged in Skyfall), and the soft, smooth coolness of that peanut butter / fudge shake was the most amazing thing that my teeth have met this week.

I re-attempted an entire piece of toast for breakfast today, and I succeeded! It took me half an hour to eat it (huzzah for Saturdays sans timetables!), but I ate the entire thing! Soreness did result with every bite, but the entire thing made it into my tummy. *fistpump*

Oh! Newfound spacer fun: they squeak when I move my teeth a certain way, and loudly enough to be heard over urban road traffic. This may have just become one of my new favorite, probably-super-annoying-to-other-peeps pastimes.

Wait. I just tried squeaking them again. No squeaks. O fickle spacers!

Now that it’s over 100 degrees here, it’s time for me to formally pack up my winter clothes ’til the next time the temperature dips below 80. Ciao, y’all!


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